Cloud Services

The majority of you will already be using multiple cloud based services every day. For example, if you use any kind of social media or online data drive, you’re already using the cloud.

The cloud is not a physical thing, it is a network of servers. Some servers provide an online service, like Office 365 online apps, and others allow you to store and access data, like Instagram or OneDrive (similar concept to Dropbox/Google Drive).

Many of us are already using some kind of cloud based services every day, for example any kid of social media is stored in the cloud.

The cloud is not a physical thing but a collection of servers which work together to provide things like office365,Dropbox or OneDrive allow you to store access data anywhere in the world with a internet connection.

You can access your favourite Office application such has  Word, Excel and Outlook online. This offering allows your team to be any where in the world and they will be able to access their emails,collaborate on documents,share files and communicate with you from anywhere simple log on via your mobile device or laptop.

Our expert consultants have the technical knowledge to set-up all aspects of Office 365, including:

Our expert technical consultants can help you migrate to office 365 or even help you setup office 365 for your business. Simply use the contact us form below to contact us with you requirements.

Why use Office 365 ?

This suite of much loved applications work for any organisation because you can scale up or down based on your business need and theirs no upper limit.

Benefits of working on the cloud?

The cloud allows small businesses to be efficent and cost effective whereas in the past people would have to run applications on physical computers and confied to their buildings. With cloud computing it allows poeple to access the same types of applications through the internet . In this instance, instead of using the traditional apps on your desktop pc now you can use them online,on the cloud without having to install them to your device.

Office Apps

  • Office 365 contains all your office applications and is available to run locally from your PC or on the go from the web browser.We all want to work from home or wherever we dream of with cloud based office we can work wherever we are and at any time without visiting our desk.


  • With Calendars you can now true share your work diary across multiple devices seamlessly and collaborate with your team who can add/edit your calender’s on any advice.

Exchange in the cloud

  • The days of running your own email servers are over with Office 365 you have your own Exchange environment in the cloud . With Exchange online you still perform the regular duties such has create new mailboxes and setup distribution groups.

Create Your Own Intranet

  • With SharePoint you can store your documents,policies,contacts and even create a knowledge basis. SharePoint allows your colleagues and clients to work together without the barriers of internal/external users.