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  • Let us deal with cyber security and compliance issues.
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  • IT Support from 7am to 12am every day
  • Free quarterly software updates for your PCs and Servers
  • Unlimited On Site IT Support

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  • Let us help you by becoming your IT Department
  • One Fixed Cost (No wage bill, No staff to manage)
  • No more stress we look after all your technology from your broadband to your printer

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IT Support Birmingham

With over 20 years experience in supporting public and private sector businesses let us help you excellence in your business with technology

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IT Services Birmingham

IT has become integral part of our lives and small businesses around Birmingham use some form of IT to carry out a function in their business. When IT fails it can cause major disruption in your business and effect productivity of your workforce. If you are looking for an IT support company that handles all aspect of your IT needs then contact us lets worry about your IT so you can run your business.

ICT Consulting provides expert consulting services and IT Support in Birmingham and West Midlands. We offer our customers a bespoke service which means we adapt to your needs and we can adapt our support hours to meeting your business needs.

Let us help you work smarter by solving your IT problems and helping you getting the most of your IT infrastructure. Their are many IT service companies in Birmingham but ICT consulting offer many benefits which our competitors don’t such has unlimited on site technical support from our specialists.

Our Benefits

  • We offer flexible service contracts to meet your needs. We are your IT department we let you decide how you want us to work with you and that means offering you flexibility to scale.
  • ICT Consulting offer consulting services and project management we can help you implement a IT system. We’ll be there to make sure things run smoothly help you implement your new system or migration process.
  • Contact us today for a FREE IT audit of your IT setup.
  • We use cutting edge software to monitor your IT infrastructure so we can alert you to any potential problems.We offer remote it support for customers that follow a nomad lifestyle.
  • We can help you implement new technology without having to spend a arm and leg on consultants. All our customers get access to our technical consultants for free of charge.
  • Friendly Support and Free windows Updates
John Smith

“i recommend ICT consulting if you have a IT uplift project they can save you money and time.”

John Smith / / Business Owner In Edgebaston

Kate Brown

“ICT Consulting offer amazing IT support and always keep our computers upto date with the latest security patches.”

Kate Brown / .

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